Twenty years with you

Yes, it really is, in what we do, we are really good, and this proves the fact that we have been holding a long time in the party tent market. Do not be mistaken, however, that we do so for so long does not mean that we are holding old processes and structures, on the contrary, we are constantly trying to develop forward to give you the best that can be produced today. So you just need to press the button and buy.
All as it should be
With technical development, the time of plastics came, but we were not able to control them and to tame them to their advantage. This has combined waterproof, abrasion-resistant fabrics on the roof and sidewalls with a light but aluminum construction, a scrubby profile that is surprisingly durable at its low weight. In addition, you can hang all the accessories on the structure and position the whole in four heights. What more do you wish.

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