The Veľká savings

90% of the energy will be sporured by LEDS compared to traditional sources. In the event of the traditional 60W of a tradable source, the IBA 9W diode resource and Podľa Skorch Prieskumov have been prepared for the year 20 classic sources 5 913 Sk and 20 diode puches 887 Sk, Cho is a huge rozdiel. Halogénky is approximately 25% compared to traditional sources and so-called savings of roughly 80%.
Prices are reduced
The price of Akú is hired by the Žiar Ice sa each mesiac decreases, in Septembri, the rapedays fall and the price for quality branded diodes Sourceand SA will be around 100 Sk. Advisory-Sales Portal Tiež profitable or Idú Česi with the time, Cho sa Osvetlenie relating and He said that the Sidecin 74% respondents in the last Desiatich Rokoch sa modernovlet their svietidlá, but IBA 34% of them are used for decorating purposes, and 20% have a modern diode tapes at home.

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