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For us, however, SEO analysis is free, which verifies the location of keywords, validity and overall structure of the site code. Then we will contact you, we can recommend the solution and further you can order at very reasonable prices other SEO services including PR articles pasted to the web. We are bailing out each order individually according to the goal and scope of the site. Each site is unique and SEO optimization can be done in different ways.
Not only basic SEO analysis site, but also advanced optimization options. We offer a comprehensive solution for SEO. Our experienced SEO analyst team will offer the best way to optimise your site to be visible to search engines. For example, the stunning, graphically crafted Web site in Flash is virtually useless. No one can find it.
How to correctly choose keywords for SEO
The basis of quality optimization is the selection of appropriate keywords, their placement in the structure of the text and also other factors. The keywords themselves should best describe the characteristics of the site and appear in headings and other important parts of the site. This makes it possible to achieve better optimizations. We are happy to help you with the choice of words, plus SEO analysis that will pass through the web and evaluate not only the structure but also the validity is completely free.

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